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Wings Etc. Burger, Fries and Beer

2139 SW Fairlawn Plaza Dr.
Topeka KS 66614
(785) 271-9464

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Good Food, Great Times, Nearby.

Are you a fan of hot wings and cold beer? Then you’re a fan of Wings Etc. Topeka located on Fairlawn Plaza. Each day we are serving up your favorite bites for when the game is on. Whether you are ordering carryout for a workday lunch or bringing the whole family for dinner, you’ll love our good food, great service, and big screen TVs.

We are sure to have something to satisfy every taste here. We have more than 40 beers to choose from, in both bottles and on tap. There are signature Jumbo Wings cooked-up fresh and topped with one of 22 signature sauces. There’s 70 other made-to-order menu items that aren’t wings. We even have the newsworthy New Beyond™ Burger that is 100% meat-free but grills up just like real meat!

Or, are you looking for the most memorable dining experience you’ve had in a while? Test your limits with our “Wall of Flame” challenge. Eat 16 of our wings slathered in our habanero-laced “Wall” sauce with no beverage or other food to beat the heat and you will end up on our “Wall of Flame”! It is all part of what makes us the local place to eat in Topeka, Kansas.

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 4 reviews
 by Cj on Topeka
Best Wings In Topeka

This is my second time visiting, with many more to come in the future. Despite the pandemic, the staff remains friendly and energetic, and always maintains truely welcoming atmosphere. The prices are better than most, if not all of the competition for what you get. Portion sizes are generous, and everything i have ordered thus far has been top quality. From a wing standpoint, they are Jumbo wings, which is always a plus for me, they are flavorfull, just the right amount of sauce (and you can always add extra), they are crisp yet never dry. All in all, a perfect wing eating experience. They've got deals on wing orders on Mondays for bone in and boneless, so be sure to check that out. On a final note, ordering online is an absolute breeze. One of the most user-friendly online ordering applications I've ever dealt with.

I promise i was not payed to say ANY of those things, they are just THAT good.

 by Scott Van Dyke on Topeka
Everything has been very good

Today was my third visit to Wings (Topeka KS) with guests and everyone, including me, were very happy and pleased with the service the food and the layout of the restaurant. Wings Etc. will definitely be one of my most favorite places for dining.

 by Jeff on Topeka
Great atmospere

Great menu, great service. Great atmosphere for hanging or watching a game. Will be back!

 by Morgan on Topeka
Awesome Service

the food was on point. The service was great. The manager Pateince helped our table out and was kind enough to keep checking in!! We will be returning often. Glad we have this place in topeka now!

Contact us at (785) 271-9464 today – or don't. We're not your mother.

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